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Have you always wanted to wear makeup but feel intimidated by all the numerous choices? Are you still wearing the same eyeshadows, foundation and blush from 10 years ago? Curious if you really need a concealer or a brush specifically to apply lipstick? In the 2 Hour Make-up Evaluation you will have the lesson you always wanted, customized to your lifestyle and needs. Monica has no commitment to any specific brand, so you will receive an unbiased and honest opinion what is right for you. This service includes:

  • Audit of your current makeup inventory, editing what no longer works for you

  • Basic Skin Care

  • Step by Step Lesson of Makeup Application using your own products or Monica's Professional Makeup Kit

  • Shopping List of Products, Tools, Brushes needed for your Makeup Kit

  • Face Chart outlining everything covered in Lesson

  • Before and After Photo's

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